Vegan Travel Tips: What To Eat, Where To Sleep & Summer Style

Vegan Travel Tips: What To Eat, Where To Sleep & Summer Style

Vegan Travel Tips: What To Eat, Where To Sleep & Summer Style Blog

We don’t know about you but with all the rain we’ve had recently, we’re dreaming of holidays! Check out our latest blog; Vegan Travel Tips: What To Eat, Where To Sleep & Summer Style. Whether it’s discovering new parts of this beautiful country we live in or an adventure further afield; as a cruelty-free and vegan false lashes company, we thought we’d share some vegan travel tips with you to inspire your next trip…

Food Glorious (Vegan) Food

We’re lucky nowadays that most train stations, airports, shops, restaurants and hotels will have at least a couple of vegan snack and meal options. If you’re going somewhere remote or will arrive during anti-social hours, remember to pack a few items just in case you can’t find anything suitable to eat.

We also highly recommend getting yourself the latest edition of The Vegan Passport from The Vegan Society! All for the cost of a pair of Eldora lashes, you’ll get a multilingual vegan phrasebook, including some fail-safe pictures - a must-have for globetrotting vegans. Their new app is small enough to be easily downloaded to your phone too so you’ll always have it at your fingertips.

Don’t forget to take your refillable water bottle with you to reduce your plastic consumption whilst away, and save money at the same time!


Vegan food, snacks and drink options when travelling

Accommodating Vegan Accommodation And Tours

There are so many companies out there now that offer vegan travel and vegan tours; it’s a little bit overwhelming once you start looking. Always make sure to read reviews before booking anything and check that they are ATOL protected, or you have cover with either your own insurance or a credit card, should anything go wrong.

Neal’s Yard Holidays offer a huge range of vegan retreats in the UK providing plant-based food, and lots of different wellness-based activities.

PETA have listed their ten best vegan travel companies and destinations which we found very informative. They’ve even set up PETA Mall, where you can book holidays direct through them, with some even donating money to PETA every time you book!


Vegan retreats and vegan travel accommodation

Vegan Summer Clothing And Footwear

We love to scroll through the Women’s Eco Brands category on ASOS, as it’s packed full of sustainable fashion, ethical and Fairtrade clothing. Filter it to swimwear, dresses, tops or skirts to get your summer wardrobe sorted!

When searching for shoes on ASOS, we love how you can filter the material to a ‘Non Leather’ option too to find all the latest vegan footwear ready for summer.


With vegan fashion so popular nowadays, did you know there’s even a Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles in October?


Vegan Summer Beauty

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables as a vegan will ensure you’re full of antioxidants, rejuvenating you skin and help with ageing and sun damage, but you of course still need sunscreen! Here are three of our favourite vegan brands for sun cream:

Green People

Tropic Skincare


Also, don’t forget to check out the brands we mentioned in our Eldora At The Cruelty Free Beauty Show Manchester blog for more vegan beauty and skincare inspiration, whilst supporting local businesses at the same.

But wait, there’s more… we couldn’t write a blog about vegan travel tips and vegan summer beauty without talking about Eldora cruelty free lashes and vegan friendly lash adhesive! Shop our latest faux mink eyelashes, creative handmade lashes and Eldora vegan lashes multipacks if you’re going to be away for a while.


Eldora vegan lashes holiday luggage for vegan summer beauty


Be sure to read our Beauty Tips: Stay Cool, Calm, & Collected This Summer blog, along with the Eldora National Eyewear Day + National Sunglasses Day blog for lots of top tips for warmer weather!

After all this, we need a dip in a pool with a nice refreshing cocktail! Where are you going on holiday next and which styles of our vegan eyelashes will you be taking along with you? 👩🗺️🧳


Vegan travel and what to pack in your suitcase

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