Eldora National Eyewear Day + National Sunglasses Day

Eldora National Eyewear Day And National Sunglasses Day

Eldora National Eyewear Day

Did you know that June is both National Eyewear Day AND National Sunglasses Day? As our main focus is the eyes, we thought we’d answer some of your questions when it comes to Eldora false eyelashes and glasses; whether it’s your daily reading glasses, contact lenses or stylish and seasonal summer sunglasses.

Can You Wear False Eyelashes With Glasses?

Wearing False Lashes With Glasses

Whether you want to wear our vegan friendly eyelashes with glasses or false lashes with sunglasses, both are absolutely fine. We’re a big believer of protecting our eyes, so here are some of our tried and tested top tips:

  • Most people who wear false eyelashes under glasses tend to wear a natural length fake lash so that they don’t rub against the inside of the lens and cause too much distraction or discomfort.
  • Wearing glasses of any kind may tickle your lashes and eyelids; if this is the case, we suggest pushing the glasses a little further down your nose to help stop this from happening.
  • As long as you use our Eldora Brush On Lash Adhesive, your vegan lashes will be absolutely fine to wear with glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses and will stay on for the whole day with no problems.

False Lashes And Contact Lenses

False Lashes And Contact Lenses

The answer to your ‘Can I wear false lashes with contact lenses?’ question is yes! Although if you’re someone who wears contacts, you’ll need to put these in before applying Eldora vegan eyelashes to prevent any watery eyes!

Check out the latest sunglasses trends for 2019 from Glamour Magazine UK, and share your photos with us on social media of you and your friends with your favourite vegan friendly lashes and glasses on - we can’t wait to see them!

Sunglasses trends for summer 2019

If you have any more questions about our vegan lashes, be sure to check out our FAQs page, or contact us - we're always here to help!

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