We are dispatching daily (weekdays) though the delivery may be delayed due to courier constraints.

Professional Accounts

We offer a discount to professional working make up artists. There are many perks to signing up the Eldora Professional account, including:

  • first to preview the latest designs
  • exclusive promotions
  • up to 60% off
There are two steps you need to follow to qualify for the discount:
1. Sign in and create an account
2. Provide us with TWO of the following:
Link to Official Website, Social Media Page, Editorial Page with name credit, Union Card, Professional License, Diploma/Certificate, Publication Masthead, Program/press Materials with name, Contract on Production Company Letterhead, Crew/Call List on Prod. Co. Letterhead, Professional Letter of Reference of Employment.
To apply, please send your two forms of evidence to: contact@eldora.co.uk


Discount is only accepted after your request and identification have been approved. Products purchased with your discount may only be used for professional purposes and may not, under any circumstance be resold. Your discount is non-transferrable.