About Eldora

Our Belief

Eldora was found, and built, with the belief that there is a perfect pair of lashes for everyone. This is why we enjoy working on our product development to bring you original, basic styles for a natural look as well as innovative designs for your creative itch.


Our Product

With our belief firmly engrained, we strive to bring you a comprehensive range of beautiful, well thought, good quality lashes for everyday use, special occasions or unique avant-garde looks.

Instead of only keeping our best selling products, we insist on offering our niche products too because, somewhere out there, they are perfect for you or someone you know.

 But, we will not compromise on our no-animal-cruelty policy to accommodate all choices. This is why, for example, we only offer animal-free lashes and brainstorm and research extensively to come up with alternative, ethical materials that give you similar effects.


Our Vision

Ethical product is our priority. As of 2018 we do not offer any animal related product regardless of certification that could have given some reassurance. We believe that our blanket ban is the best guarantee to our promise on no-animal-cruelty.

We also do our best for the environment. We reuse boxes that come from our suppliers. We eliminate the use of plastic whenever we can and only use it to ensure your orders are safe from rain (and snow!) during delivery… until we find an alternative, which we are determined to! We are not afraid to spend weeks or even months to review our packaging and delivery options to come up with the perfect packaging that both do our lashes justice and are eco friendly.

Please keep coming back to see our latest product range, inspirations and blogs.


Best wishes

Ella (Founder) & the Eldora Team