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New Eldora Product Launch: Faux Mink Vegan Lashes

New Eldora Product Launch: Faux Mink Vegan Lashes blog

They say ‘three is the magic number’ and it definitely is when it comes to our new launch; say hello to your new favourite vegan faux mink eyelashes!

You may have seen a sneaky peek on our Insta Stories recently of a shoot in collaboration with Creatives Makeup Academy in Manchester, or even entered the Instagram competitions; well we can now finally reveal our new Eldora products…

Creatives Makeup Academy

We teamed up with Creatives Makeup Academy to shoot the photos for our new product launch. As a regular customer of ours, we love their work and wanted their talent to be featured, so we asked them to be part of the launch. We hope you’ll agree that they did a fab job.

Eldora Insta Stories Creatives Makeup Academy Photo Shoot

Faux Mink Eyelashes At Eldora

Following on from The Buttercup Collection, you may or may not be aware that the Eldora faux mink eyelash collection boasts a range of premium synthetic eyelashes that look and feel just like real mink eyelashes. This new collection is no exception; our false mink lashes are silky to the touch but they’re completely cruelty-free making them 100% vegan friendly eyelashes.

New Faux Mink Lash Collection

Eldora FM7 Faux Mink Vegan Lashes

FM7 is a long, multi-structured faux mink lash.

They’re fluffy with a perfect curly flick, which will really accentuate your eyes. 

Eldora FM7 Faux Mink Vegan Lashes long fluffy structured Eldora FM7 Faux Mink Vegan Lashes on model

Eldora FM9 Faux Mink Vegan Lashes

FM9 is a beautiful feathered faux mink lash.

These lashes will give you a soft, delicate finish, with the clear band making them easy to wear.

Eldora FM9 Faux Mink Vegan Lashes feathered soft clear band Eldora FM9 Faux Mink Vegan Lashes on model

Eldora FM10 Faux Mink Vegan Lashes

FM10 is a multi-curled lash.

They are black with a silky finish; perfect for a glamorous evening look.

Eldora FM10 Faux Mink Vegan Lashes multi curled silky glam Eldora FM10 Faux Mink Vegan Lashes on model

All of our handmade fake lashes, including these faux mink lashes, are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Lash adhesive is not included, so don’t forget to add a tube or two of our super popular Eldora Brush On Lash Adhesive to your shopping bag online before you check out!

Eldora Brush On Lash Adhesive Vegan Glue

If you have any questions about our faux mink eyelashes, browse information on our FAQs page, read our blogs such as Eldora Vegan Friendly Lashes And Lash Adhesive and How To Care For Your Eldora False Lashes, or if you still haven’t found what you need - as always, feel free to contact us about our vegan eyelashes via phone, email or social media.

There are just three new styles at the moment, but sign up for our newsletter and keep checking back for more new product launches, coming soon! 🤩

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