How To Care For Your Eldora False Lashes

How To Care For Your Eldora False Lashes

How To Care For Your Eldora False Lashes Blog

We recently added a FAQs section to our website, answering the most frequently asked questions about vegan friendly eyelashes to help all our lovely customers. Before everyone gets too busy with holidays, festivals and general summer fun, we thought we’d give you some top tips on how to care for your Eldora False Eyelashes…

False Lashes - Are They Reusable, How Long Do They Last And How Often Do I Need To Change Them?

Our handmade fake lashes are fragile. The more careful you are with them, the longer they’ll last. We recommend putting them back in their box (especially if you own The Buttercup Collection Lash Box Setwhen not in use to keep them safe and last longer. So long as you look after them, you’ll be able to wear them multiple times.

Buttercup Collection Lash Box Set

Note: If you’ve experienced any eye problems or infections recently, then we don't recommend reusing your vegan eyelashes - it's best to dispose of them and wear a brand new set.

How Do I Remove False Lashes?

Remove false eyelashes slowly - Eldora Brush On Lash Adhesive is designed to hold your vegan eyelashes on for hours! Hold the skin next to your eye taut, then holding the outer end of your false lashes, very slowly peel them off your eyelid in the direction of your natural lashes.

How Do I Clean My False Lashes?

Be very careful when cleaning your lashes; try your best not to get them wet. We recommend gently pulling the lash glue off them after each use and try not to use mascara or beauty products on your handmade fake lashes as this will reduce the amount of wear you get from them.

Lash care tips

Can I Have A Shower Or Swim In My False Lashes?

Showering or swimming in Eldora vegan eyelashes is not recommended, as this will ruin your lashes whether you’re wearing synthetic lashes or real human hair false lashes.

Is It Possible To Sleep In False Eyelashes?

We get it - you may be having so much fun this summer you forget to remove your Eldora False Eyelashes! We always recommend removing them before bed to ensure that they last as long as possible and don’t get damaged, but it is possible to sleep in handmade fake lashes, so don’t panic!

Beauty tips

Do you have any top lash care tips you can share? If so we'd love to hear from you over on our social media channels!

We hope you have an amazing summer and your vegan eyelashes stay fabulous, flawless and fleek! 👌

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