The Eldora Vegan Eyelash Buttercup Collection

The Eldora Vegan Eyelash Buttercup Collection

Vegan Eyelash Buttercup Collection

Eldora - Who We Are 

Eldora handmade fake lashes were born from the belief that there’s a perfect pair of false eyelashes for everyone. Our lash brand is 100% vegan and we only sell cruelty-free, vegan friendly eyelashes. We spend a lot of time brainstorming and researching animal-free, ethical alternatives, so you don’t have to.

We Love Our Planet

Being a vegan brand, we obviously love animals. We also love our planet, and do our best to help the environment in any way we can; such as reusing boxes that come from our suppliers, reducing plastic use, and thinking about the best way to deliver your Eldora vegan eyelashes.

The Eldora Buttercup Collection

Hopefully you’re already aware of our beautiful range of faux lashes and collections - faux mink lashes, real hair lashes, multi-layered lashes, individual lashes, under lashes, colour lashes and Eldora sets and accessories; but have you heard about our latest collection?

Started by her love for animals and cruelty-free beauty; Ella designed The Buttercup Collection herself. Comprising of six pairs of faux mink lashes, they’re limited edition and all handmade from premium synthetic fibre. Discover all six looks below:

Buttercup Collection Eldora Vegan False Eyelashes - Chillax Chillax - Love yourself… our most natural eyelash from The Buttercup Collection

Buttercup Collection Eldora Vegan False Eyelashes - Lala Lash Lala Lash - Pursue your dream… a great daytime look with or without makeup

Buttercup Collection False Eyelashes Buttercup - Love and care… a fun and perfectly curled lash

Wispy Ivy False Eyelashes Wispy Ivy - Be yourself and be different… wispy, fun, full and easy-to-wear

Buttercup Collection Fairy Dolly Lashes Fairy Dolly - Be creative... a triple stacked lash with long wings, just like a fairy

Buttercup Collection Wild Spirit Lashes Wild Spirit - Support animal welfare... dramatic, wispy, fun and flirty, they’re perfect for going out

Eldora Supports Creatives

The loving and caring nature of The Buttercup Collection represents the core values of Eldora, where attention to detail is everything. This is where our beautiful packaging comes in. The Buttercup Collection vegan friendly false lashes set is adorned with beautiful natural illustrations of nature, animals and fairies.

Once we decided on which six vegan friendly eyelashes had made the cut for The Buttercup Collection, it was time to think about packaging. We wanted something beautiful, natural and feminine; which is where artist Pandet Bootkyo came in. After a trip to Thailand, Ella discovered Tony and got in touch with him in Bangkok. We’re sure you’ll agree, he gave us exactly what we were looking for.

Buttercup Collection Eldora False Lash Packaging

Lights, Camera, Action!

Back in the UK, we then arranged two photoshoots; one in the studio, the other on location in a fairy-tale forest. As we’re creative and love nature, we all agreed that this was our favourite part of the process, along with the cocktails and cupcakes at our launch party of course!  

We hope you enjoyed finding out about Eldora’s The Buttercup Collection. Available in a gift set with all six handmade fake lashes, or available to now buy individually; which vegan friendly eyelashes will you wear first?

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The Eldora Buttercup Collection Fake Eyelashes

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