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faux mink eyelashes
faux mink lashes
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faux mink eyelashes
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The Buttercup Collection Lash Box Set

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The Buttercup Collection Limited Edition set of Eldora vegan lashes.

Set contains 6 pairs of faux mink lashes

Chillaxour most natural eyelash of the buttercup collection.

Lala Lashit’s great for a daytime look without much makeup but also you can wear this with a dramatic look.

Buttercupthis lash is fun and is perfectly curled to stand out from the crowd!

Wispy Ivythis lash is wispy, it’s fun, it’s full but it’s easy to wear.

Fairy Dollyis a triple stacked lash with long wings just like a fairy. This lash will really accentuate the eyes.

Wild Spiritthis lash is dramatic, wispy, fun and flirty, perfect for going out. 

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There are two steps you need to follow to qualify for the discount:
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To apply, please send your form of evidence to: contact@eldora.co.uk


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Video on putting on the different Eldora vegan lashes:


How to put on bottom lashes with Sophie Russell:


Thinking of becoming a make-up artist? Samantha Helen shares her story and journey: