Our Top Lash Picks For Your Summer 2019 Festival Look

Our Top Lash Picks For Your Summer 2019 Festival Look Blog

With festival season nearly upon us, one of the biggest decisions for many of us is deciding on the perfect festival look. We've put this blog together to highlight some key trends for the 2019 festival season and we've also recommended some of our most extra vegan lashes to help you finish off your own festival look!

Festival makeup looks for 2019

From laid-back retro boho to rock chick or full-on glam, it's fair to say that festival fashion these days is a big deal. Even if you tend to dress fairly conservatively and like to keep your day to day makeup look subtle, festivals provide the ideal excuse to go a bit crazy and try something daring and new.

Pretty much anything goes when it comes to festivals, and the more eye-catching and individual the look the better. There is definitely an art to creating a successful festival makeup look though, and there are also key trends you might want to watch out for too, with 90's throwback and 70's retro being big looks for the 2019 festival season.

Take inspiration from arguably the coolest festival on the planet, Coachella, which happened back in April where festival looks included every from space buns and temporary tattoos to jewelled eyebrows and even sequin/glitter hair partings.

For more 2019 festival trends check out the ultimate festival beauty inspiration in 18 show-stopping looks.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Whatever look you go for, we'd highly recommend practicing before-hand. When you're blending lots of elements together; outfit, makeup, accessories, hair etc. it's worth practising your hair and makeup first so you don't end up looking like you lost a fight with a disco ball, resulting in a festival fail you'll look back on and regret.

Festival lashes

With this in mind, we've highlighted some of our best vegan eyelashes that will help to complete your killer festival look.

Be warned, these lashes are best used when you want a look that screams extra!

Our Top Festival Lash Picks

C140 Rainbow Coloured False Lashes £4.90

A beautiful wispy rainbow lash featuring shades of bright pink, blue, yellow and orange. These lashes are perfect for festivals, pride season, or any funky/creative look!

C183 Blue Spiky Coloured False Lashes £4.90

This lash is super spiky and angled, with a unique sweeping appearance and winged end. These lashes are perfect for creative and artistic looks, but the subtlety of the colour makes them more wearable!

M111 Multi-Layered False Lashes £8.90

One of our top 10 bestselling lashes. They bring impact and volume to the eyes. M111 are one of our longest winged lashes. If you are looking for lashes that are thick, long and eye catching, this would be the perfect pair!

C171 Coloured False Lashes £4.90

This super unique lash has a crazy colour pattern that is to die for! It features a beautiful blend of bright green, black and brown lashes, they are super long with a huge winged end.

H139 Human Hair False Lashes £3.90

If you want real impact then these spiky lashes provide a super dramatic look - perfect for a super glam over the top festival look!


C110 Purple Coloured False Lashes £4.90

These gorgeous lashes feature a beautiful blend of bright purple and black lashes with a black band which blends seamlessly into any makeup look. The vibrant colour makes them a perfect stand out lash for any creative or artistic look.

D109 Multi-Layered Silver Glitter False Lashes £5.50

These lovely lashes are long and wispy, set on to a shiny silver glitter band. Ideal for nights out and to complete your festival look.

E116 Multi-Layered Rainbow False Lashes £5.90

These funky lashes are thick, full and long with multi coloured rainbow metallic glitter pieces through the length of the lashes.

D175 Multi-Layered Gold Glitter False Lashes £3.90

These gold glitter false lashes are super glam and sassy, so they make a great choice for nights out, parties and festivals.

C120 Rainbow Coloured False Lashes £4.90

A beautiful eye catching wispy rainbow lash featuring all the colours of the rainbow, this lash is interspersed with spiky black lashes for a funky effect.s

D162 Gold Glitter Tipped Multi-Layered False Lashes £5.90

These spiky lashes are very long and vary in length and feature gold glitter tips. If you're looking for a glam lash for a big night out or party, then this makes a great choice!

See our full range of festival lashes.

Other Key Festival Look Considerations

Gorgeous Glitter

It goes without saying that festivals and glitter go hand in hand, and more is definitely more when it comes to glittery festival looks!

The crucial thing to remember with glitter though is that it can have a devastating environmental impact, so we'd strongly encourage you to make sure you choose biodegradable glitter for your festival look.

We love the biodegradable, cruelty-free and vegan friendly glitter available from Eco Glitter Fun and there's a great blog from the Festival Blogger on how to be eco friendly at a festival.

Body & Face Gem Bling

Body gems are a really effective and easy way of creating a unique festival look. Companies like The Gypsy Shrine and Funk On do some amazing body and face jewel sets that are easy to apply and come in a vast array of different colours and styles.

With a clear nod to the rave scene, a hot trend for 2019 is face jewels in neon bright colours, definitely not one for shrinking violets!

Heavenly Hair

From brightly coloured hair chalk and wash-out colour sprays to plaits and glitter partings, make sure your hair looks just as amazing as your makeup does. There are loads of imaginative ways you can switch up your look by getting creative with your crowing glory.

Head on over to Popsugar to take a look at their festival hair ideas.

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