World Emoji Day At Eldora

World Emoji Day At Eldora

We don’t know about you, but here at Eldora we love a good emoji (or twelve)! On World Emoji Day it only feels right to discuss our favourites and the ones we think of when we talk about Eldora False Eyelash products.

History Of World Emoji Day

Can you even remember/imagine life without emojis...? Did you know there’s even an Emoji Day Anthem?!

Why is World Emoji Day on 17th July? Famously displayed in the emoji calendar (if you’ve ever spotted it), 17th July is the date that iCal for Mac was first announced at MacWorld Expo in 2002, which is why this date is now used for World Emoji Day. You can read more about this in the FAQs section of their website.


World Emoji Day At Eldora


Favourite Emojis At Eldora False Eyelashes

💛 Yellow Heart

Yellow is our favourite colour, we love all of our customers and hope you love us too! This is why the yellow heart is one of our favourite and most-used emojis.

😍 Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes

We use this emoji the most by far - as we’re very proud of each and every one of our vegan products. Every time we have a new product launch, the smiling face with heart-eyes definitely comes to mind!

😜 Winking Face With Tongue

Don’t be embarrassed - everyone does it! What face do you pull when applying your false lashes? We think that the winking face with tongue is the closest in the Eldora office!

🤪 Zany Face or 🥴 Woozy Face

That face you pull when you realise you’ve been scrolling through Instagram and our products page for waaaay too long! We don’t blame you - we do have some gorgeous products.


Decorative sparkling stars show something being clean, positive, exciting and new! With over one hundred styles available and new collections being launched all the time, you may have seen this emoji pop-up a lot on our social media accounts!


🦊 Fox Face

With all Eldora products being vegan and cruelty-free, we think the best way to sum this up is a cute little fox face, because who doesn’t love animals?!


📅 Calendar

When you’re counting down the days until next payday so you can top-up all your favourite Eldora lashes and try the latest products from our website!


🎨 Artist Palette

When you’ve shopped the creative category on our website and are feeling all inspired. For all of our creative clients… this artist palette is for you!


🤳 Selfie

When you’ve applied your make-up and lashes perfectly, along with your new favourite outfit, it makes sense to take a selfie to share with your friends and followers!

🌌 Milky Way

When we see the photos you’ve tagged us in on social media and think you look out of this world!


💄 Lipstick

Did you know we do MUA Discount? Head over to the Professional Account page on our website to read more and set up an account if you fit all criteria...


World Emoji Day At Eldora

Sadly there aren’t currently any eyelash emojis, but maybe they’ll appear sometime soon?! What’s your favourite emoji and have you ever tried decorating your face as one? Share your photos on social media, making sure to mention and tag us as always...


World Emoji Day At Eldora False Eyelashes


Find out about the latest emoji updates and check out some interesting and fun emoji statistics on the World Emoji Day website!


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