Shop Eldora Cruelty-Free Beauty This Veganuary

Shop Eldora Cruelty-Free Beauty This Veganuary

Shop Eldora Cruelty-Free Beauty This Veganuary Blog

Did you know that January is Veganuary? If you’ve not heard of this before, Veganuary is a charity inspiring people to try going vegan for January and beyond. As we only sell vegan-friendly lashes and lash adhesive, we thought we’d help to promote this important month, helping to answer any questions you may have, and inspire you with things to try. 

Year Of The Vegan

With 14,000 people pledging to go meat-free for the first month of the new year on Sunday 30th December alone, is 2019 the year of the vegan? With many reasons such as the animals, health, environment and nutrition, there are lots of benefits and positives to going vegan; and today it’s easier than ever before, with so much more choice of vegan products.

Where To Start

Having to avoid certain products you may not have considered such as honey, alcohol and wool; there are endless myths and questions when it comes to veganism, such as ‘vegans have nothing to eat’, ‘what’s wrong with eating honey?’ and ‘it’s expensive being vegan, isn’t it? Check out this Vegan Starter Kit if you’re new to it all.

Food Glorious (Vegan) Food

Here at Eldora, we’re not all vegan and vegetarian, but we sure know tasty food when we see it! There are so many delicious meals and substitutes out there - so good, you’ll forget that you’re not eating any meat or diary. Choose from yummy recipes such as One-Pot Linguine with Olives,Capers and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Mediterranean Tofu & Vegetable Pasties, Red Tofu Curry and not forgetting something sweet for afters; vegan Chocolate Cake!

Yummy Vegan Chocolate Cake For Veganuary 2019

What’s On The Outside

Being vegan is not only about what you eat and what you wear; it’s about what you put on your skin too. Cosmetics, creams and conditioners can all have hidden animal-based products in them. Once you’ve ordered your favourite vegan and cruelty-free false lashes from us here at Eldora; check out these 11 vegan makeup brands you need to know about too. You can also search the PETA database if you’re unsure of products and ingredients.

Shop Eldora This Veganuary

You may already be aware that we love animals; which is why all of our false lashes and adhesives are vegan and cruelty-free. We only offer animal-free lashes and research extensively to come up with alternative, ethical materials that give you similar effects, without harming any of our animal friends. As part of this, we also do our best for the environment; which you can read more about on our About Us page.

Animal-free, vegan-friendly false lashes Eldora outdoor photoshoot

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Whether you're already a vegan, and loyal fan of Eldora vegan-friendly lashes, or you're new to it all; let us know what you've got planned this Veganuary and share your photos with us on social media

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