Vegan Lash And Beauty Trends For 2019

Vegan Lash And Beauty Trends For 2019

Vegan Lash & Beauty Trends For 2019

Now that we've all recovered from December, and it's nearly payday (phew), we're excited about all the new trends, new beauty products and possibly a new you? What are your resolutions for this year?

We’ve taken a look at all the beauty trends coming through from the catwalks and we’re going to share the Vegan Lash And Beauty Trends For 2019 with you...  

Natural Lash Lifts

Standing for length, volume and lift; LVL Lash Lifts have been popular for a while now. On paper it sounds like a good idea, but takes up to an hour to complete the process, is expensive and only lasts 6-8 weeks.

So if you’re looking for a similar effect but for a fraction of the cost and time; try this new trend for 2019 - the ‘Natural Lash Lift’ using some Eldora false vegan lashes instead. Try h109 lashes for a striking look, or for something a little more subtle, go for h161.

Vegan False Lashes


Graphic Cat Eye

A chic and classic beauty look; say bonjour to the ‘Graphic Cat Eye’. Usually you need a good black eyeliner, along with a steady hand, but what if we let you in to a little secret to cheat this look?

Our h133 lashes give a similar effect in around 60 seconds and there’s no chance of smudging or having to spend ages trying to make both eyes symmetrical. For a more subtle look (with or without the eyeliner) try our m114 lashes.

Buy Vegan Lashes


Pink Pantone Hues

Feminine, flattering and fashionable; with the Pantone colour for 2019 being Living Coral, we’re loving that pink is everywhere in fashion, including on the face and eyes, with this ‘Pink Pantone Hues’ trend.

If it’s a bold magenta, fuschia or pink punch you’re after, then check out our c109 lashes. If it’s more of a blush, salmon pink or rose, then try our s317 individual lashes for more delicate darling detailing.

Pink Pantone Hues Vegan-friendly Lashes


Long Luscious Lashes

‘Long Luscious Lashes’ have always been in fashion, but hard to achieve well. However, we’ve got lots of options for you here at Eldora - some statement, some more natural-looking.

If it’s the first look you’re after, we suggest trying h105 lashes. If you want people to think you were born that way, take a look at s302 lashes... Thank us later!

Long Luscious Vegan Friendly Lashes


Shaggy Layers

The Eldora Buttercup Collection is bang on trend when it comes to this latest look, ‘Shaggy Layers’. Having different layers and textures adds volume and something a little bit different. On the catwalks this is mainly in the form of fringes and hair, but how can this translate to your face? The Wispy Ivy lashes were made for this, with layers of lashes in a mix of lengths, you’ll get bonus style points. For a more subtle version of this look that can be worn as an everyday lash, take a look at the Eldora false vegan m115 lashes.

Vegan False Lashes Wispy Ivy


Colour Blocking

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high… we found this next trend! One you’ll see everywhere at the moment - ‘Colour Blocking’. Think Tie Dye, Neon or Pastels.

The brave can try c110-1 lashes, which are bold, beautiful, bright purple and black. For a more diluted look, try the s316 individual lashes, which you use to just add a subtle spot of colour or build-up to make them more noticeable.

Colour Blocking Vegan False Lashes


We hope that our Vegan Lash And Beauty Trends For 2019 blog has inspired you for the year ahead… remember we always love seeing your photos on social media, so make sure to tag us.

If you ever need any advice or assistance, we’re always here and happy to help too. Have fun you beautiful people! 

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