Top 10 tips for applying false eyelashes

Top 10 tips for applying false eyelashes

About a month ago we asked you all on Instagram for your best false eyelash application tips and you totally delivered. But that’s no surprise considering you’re all incredibly talented make-up artists and false lash pros! For today’s blog post we’ve rounded up the top 10 tips for applying fake eyelashes so that aspiring makeup artists can learn from your creative lash wisdom.  

1. First and foremost, have patience with yourself and take your time.

If you start getting stressed out, your false lashes will only become harder to apply. We’ve all been there. It’s in the same lane as putting in contacts - if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

2. Clean your eyelash applicator or tweezers before picking up the lashes. 

Your eyes are incredibly sensitive to bacteria and small particles, so you need to make sure your eyelash applicator is well-sanitised regularly. Dip it in hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol and let it air dry. Then, cleanse it with warm water and antibacterial hand soap before using. If your skin is super reactive, use your preferred facial cleanser. 

3. Measure and cut your false eyelashes to fit your eyes.

You wouldn’t wear a bra that didn’t fit you - it’s the same for false eyelashes. Nothing looks sillier than fake lashes that are too big! Measure them against your eyes and cut them down before applying. That’s when people will start commenting on your beautiful natural-looking lashes! The bands on our lashes are generally quite short, so most makeup artists don’t need to trim them. But, of course, it depends on your preference. 

4. Use a hand-mirror so you have to look down and keep your eyes open!

Holding a hand-mirror under your eyes forces you to look down and makes for a smoother experience. It’ll also make you more aware of when you’re closing your eyes or blinking - think of it as the rear-view mirror for your false eyelash application process.

5. Apply eyeliner so you have a line to stick them to.

Applying black liquid eyeliner first gives you a roadmap to follow, literally! Or, choose a lash band that’s clear (like ours) so that you can see where you’re placing it more easily.

6. Wait for the eyelash glue to get tacky before application.

And when you think it’s ready, wait another 30 seconds to be safe. The worst thing to do is to apply too early.

7. Don’t put the glue on too thick!

You might think it might help your eyelashes stick down better, but you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s like adding more fire to the flames - a recipe for disaster. Make sure you’ve got a good dot of glue on each end so the corners stick down well, but you don’t need to lather the whole lash in glue.

8. Start with the inner corners.

Considering the way the eye is shaped, it’s best to begin by sticking your false lashes on the inner corners and then smooth them out over your eyes.

9. Hold them down and don’t move.

We told you earlier, you’ve gotta be patient, girl. And that means holding down your lashes for a good few minutes to ensure they don’t fall off later on.

10. Keep some lash glue and spare false lashes in your bag just in case. 

Nothing is more embarrassing than losing one of your lashes during a night out. Not many people keep a spare lash in their bag, so that’s your cue to cover it for your own sake. We’ve made a super mini version of our Eldora Brush On Lash Adhesive for those sloppy late night applications in the club bathroom *can we get a round of applause!*

Bonus tip: Store your lash collection in your preferred storage case so they don’t get damaged when you’re on the go. We’ve got you covered with our adorable Eldora Storage case that holds up to 24 pairs of creative lashes in their individual trays - only £7.50. 
We hope you enjoyed our top tips for applying false eyelashes and that it makes your false lash application process a smoother ride from now on!

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