The History Of False Lashes

The History Of False Eyelashes

The History Of False Lashes Blog

Eyes are the window to your soul. The main purpose of eyelashes is to protect your eyes. Both men and women have been interested in curling, lengthening, volumising and darkening their eyelashes for years, to open and accentuate their eyes for beauty purposes, and to even find love.

When Did Fake Eyelashes Become Popular?

There have been some crazy ideas and trends in the past as to what looks good when it comes to eyelashes. Kohl, a black putty, has been worn as far back as the Bronze Age to darken the edge of the eyelids. In Ancient Egypt, it was used by royalty and the wealthy to emphasise and beautify their eyes. Did you know you can even get eyelash implants?! We’ll stick to vegan lashes from Eldora False Eyelashes thanks.

Eyelash Facts

    • Eyelashes protect your eyes from debris and perform some of the same functions as whiskers do on a cat or a mouse. They're sensitive to being touched, so warn us if an object is too close to the eye and will then close the eyelid automatically.
    • Eyelashes take approximately seven to eight weeks to grow back if pulled out. Constant pulling may lead to permanent damage.
    • Some animals blessed with long luscious lashes are camels, horses and cows, however not all animals have eyelashes.

    • Long eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty and youth in many cultures, which is why many people enhance their eyelash length artificially. On the other hand, Hadza women are known to trim their own eyelashes to thicken them!
    • While they'd been around in some form for decades, Anna Taylor patented the invention of false eyelashes in 1911.
    • False eyelashes weren't a common beauty tool until 1916, when Director D.W. Griffith decided that Seena Owen (the actress in his film ‘Intolerance’) needed to have "eyelashes brushing her cheeks."

    Actress Seena Owen in Intolerance with long false eyelashes

    • The twentieth century saw the beginning of convincing false eyelashes, popular in the 1960s.
    • As we mentioned above, some people choose to get eyelash transplants, which are similar in nature to hair transplants often done on the head. The hair transplanted is taken from head. The new eyelashes will continue to grow so will need trimming regularly!

    Longest Eyelashes In The World

    • The Guinness World Record for the longest eyelash is currently held by You Jianxia of Shanghai, who at the time of setting the record in June 2016, had a real lash on her left upper eyelid that measured 12.4 centimetres... this is most likely even longer now!

    While lashes this long could cause issues in day-to-day life, we do love a long lash for extra glamour. Shop the selection of longer length false lashes on our website!

    Guinness World Record for longest eyelashes

    It's crazy what people have been through for the perfect eyelashes...

    We no longer have to do crazy and dangerous things in the name of beauty; luckily you have Eldora false lashes, with hypo-allergenic Eldora Brush On Lash Adhesive that's free from latex, formaldehyde, paraben and phthalate - perfect for sensitive skin.

    We hope our History Of False Lashes blog hasn't scared you too much?! Shop the latest faux mink eyelashes and vegan friendly eyelashes from Eldora false eyelashes now.

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