National Cancer Survivors Day 2019 - False Eyelashes

National Cancer Survivors Day 2019 - False Eyelashes

National Cancer Survivors Day 2019

National Cancer Survivors Day® is celebrated each year at the start of June; for those who have survived cancer, inspiration for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of support for families, and an outreach to the community.

We get many customers that had or have cancer, and want to know if Eldora false eyelashes are right for them. We understand this is a very sensitive and emotional subject, which is why we thought we’d write this blog to help you the best we can.

A Day of Pampering

We love this event idea from the National Cancer Survivors Day - let your guests sit back and relax at a spa-themed event! You can hold your event at a local spa, or create a spa atmosphere at your cancer centre. Play relaxing music, turn down the lights and let guests enjoy spa treatment demos. Offer makeovers, skincare and makeup tips. You could even take some Eldora products along such as our faux mink eyelashes.

Eldora False Lashes For Cancer Patients

False Eyelashes For Cancer Patients

We often have customers who mention they’re receiving chemotherapy and have or will experience hair loss; wanting to know which of our vegan lashes look the most natural. We always try our best to help and give as much advice as possible, offering a discount for customers who contact us about this.

Natural Looking False Lashes

For the most natural looking false lashes; we suggest checking out our Human Hair False Lashes. Made from ethically sourced 100% real human hair that’s cleaned and disinfected fully before being turned into a set of Eldora handmade fake lashes; they’re vegan friendly and cruelty free. The vegan eyelashes we recommend for a natural look all have a clear thin band so they look as realistic as possible, perfect for everyday wear.

H153 Human Hair False Lashes - Black (see photo below)

H151 Human Hair False Lashes - Black

H149 Human Hair False Lashes - Black

H165 Human Hair False Lashes - Black

H137 Human Hair False Lashes - Brown

H153 Human Hair False Lashes

Fuller, Thicker Lashes

For fuller, thicker, more dramatic vegan lashes for a night out or to add an instant touch of glam; look for black bands rather than clear bands, take a look at our faux mink eyelashes and also consider maybe stacking two pairs of our lashes (with plenty of glue) for a bit of va-va-voom!

H115 Human Hair False Lashes

Lala Lash Limited Edition Faux Mink False Lashes

FM10 Faux Mink Lashes

Under Lashes

Eldora under lashes are a great way to enhance your beauty, in the most natural-looking way. Our range of bottom lashes are all handmade using 100% synthetic lash fibre, making them vegan-friendly and cruelty free. They’re available in a variety of thicknesses, depending on the look you’re going for.

If you’ve not used them before or don’t have any of your own lashes, make sure to test putting them on at home and see how they feel before going out in them.

Under Lashes

False Lash Adhesive For Hair Loss

If you have no or little natural eyelashes, we know how important it is for our false eyelashes to stay on all day, so our glue is designed with you in mind.

Our popular Brush On Lash Adhesive is latex-free, hypoallergenic and waterproof, so gentle on the skin. Cruelty-free and not tested on animals; it’s 100% vegan! So easy to apply; just add a thin layer of eyelash adhesive to the false lash band and wait a few seconds until the adhesive is tacky.

We always recommend testing a little bit of glue on the back of your hand first to test the strength and if you think it’s ok. If you’re not used to wearing false lashes, it’s a good idea to try wearing them at home for a few hours or even a day first to get used to how they feel and make sure you applied enough glue for them to stay on correctly.

False Lash Adhesive For Hair Loss

How To Apply False Lashes If You Don’t Have Natural Lashes

Finally, we get asked how to stick our vegan lashes on if customers have no lashes. This is not a problem; let the glue go a little sticky then apply the lashes (looking downwards), applying the strip exactly where your lashes would normally grow.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to call us for advice and a chat!

Eldora Lashes And Look Good Feel Better Charity

Did you see us mentioned in Runcorn and Widnes World recently? After discovering the charity previously because of his Mum, Niamh Swindells hosted an event with Leigh Easthope at The Jack Lounge Function Room for Look Good Feel Better; a charity that helps improve the confidence and well-being of people undergoing cancer treatment through free skincare and make-up workshops. We thought this was a wonderful idea, which is why we donated some Eldora products for prizes at the event.

Look Good Feel Better Charity Event With Eldora

Raising over £1,200 - congratulations to Niamh and everyone else involved in the event and this amazing charity!

National Cancer Survivors Day 2019

If you want to practice a few times or have a few options to inspire you, why not browse Eldora multipack options and the faux mink eyelashes Buttercup Collection Lash Box Set. You may also find some useful info on our FAQs + Eldora False Lash Care page.

Are you doing anything for National Cancer Survivors Day? We really hope this blog helps and inspires you. We can’t wait to help restore your natural beauty, so you feel like the old you.

Love Ella and Team x

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