Eldora Makeup Student Event With 'One Woman At A Time'

Eldora Makeup Student Event With One Woman At A Time Charity

Eldora Makeup Student Event

We’ve just about recovered from our Eldora Makeup Student Event last week, so thought we’d write a blog all about it! Were you there? We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Eldora's Makeup Student Event Salford, Manchester

Eldora Makeup Student Event

Held at and partnered with Future Skills at Salford Media City College; pop-up shops from leading makeup brands, makeup demos from top makeup artists and amazing prizes all featured at the event.

We had 300 students come from the Greater Manchester area who thoroughly enjoyed the day. Many of the students volunteered as work experience as part of their course; this included helping brands set up, creating the goodybags and general assistance setting up the venue. We’d like to thank all the students for their hard work - they were a huge help on the day and we loved that they could be involved in our event.

Brands And Live Demos

Brands at the event were:

We had live demos' from:

  • Annie Cherry - demonstrated her signature style, adding a pop of colour in the inner corner of eyes and cute faux freckles.
  • P.Louise Makeup Academy - Senior Artist Lucy demonstrated a bright eye makeup look using P.Louise' famous products.

MUA Annie Cherry Live Makeup Demo

One Woman At A Time Charity

As part of the event, we organised a raffle to help raise money for amazing local charity One Women At A Time (who we’ll also be sponsoring their upcoming event in May with Eldora vegan friendly false lashes).

Founder of One Women At A Time Jean Anderson, along with ambassador Leanne Brown, hosted a talk on stage about the work she’s done for the charity. Her experience working with the charity helped her write her own book; a double-paged daily journal to help you log your goals, health, nutrition, exercise, wellness and money, called Girl Got Grit.

Jean Anderson, Leanne Brown

Sponsors of the Eldora Makeup Student Event raffle were:

Eldora Makeup Student Event Giveaway

As a thank you to everyone involved, and for anyone that couldn’t attend on the day; we’ll be doing a giveaway, so make sure you keep checking our website and social media channels for more details soon!

We also plan to hold another Eldora Makeup Student Event like this one next year, so tell all your friends and make sure to pencil it in your diary! In the meantime, shop vegan lashes and our latest faux mink eyelashes to keep you going.


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