Eldora Lash Adhesive - Is it any good?

Eldora Lash Adhesive - Is it any good?

Storm, rain and flood. It has been on a repeat cycle here in the Northwest England. Climate change has not been kind to us this year in 2020, but it has only reinforced our belief being a vegan and more eco-conscious organisation.

We introduced our brush-on adhesive applicator (aka the big Eldora glue) over a year ago to transition to reduce overall plastic packaging in our offerings. Since then, we have received a lot of positive feedback. Some of which included some very creative way of using adhesive. It led us to hunt around the internet on what eyelash glue is being used around the community. Whilst we at Eldora don't necessarily endorse the use of our lash adhesive beyond our false eyelashes, we are amazed at how versatile the little eyelash adhesive can be.

Versatile Uses

For example, the Cosmopolitan suggested using eyelash glue for sticking on sequins and rhinestones, perfect for the upcoming music festivals.  With Coachella around the corner,and Parklife and Glastonbury to follow, we can't wait to see some stunning looks.

unicorn tears rhinestones on face


We came across another creative use of eyelash glue as an eyebrow gel, like a mascara for the brows. This was from an article by an American millennial (@miaoolivar).  Though we haven't seen a lot of this in our social media, it's definitely an interesting take.

Thank You

Regardless of the exact use, we are very grateful of the feedback and support from our customers. Based on an informal survey on IG, 88% of our customers considers the Eldora Lash Adhesive as THE BEST glue in the market. Below are some of the highlights of the feedback:

best lash glue - @sophievickerybeauty

dries clear, does not budge, perfect for pigment... and tikks setting - @rpmakeup

No better glue @eldorafalseeyelashes - @charldunraven_makeup

the best lash glue ever!!! - @madisonmurraymakup

This lash glue is 10x better than DUO - @londonmuaandstylist

Lets talk about their lash glue, if you are not aware of their lash glue, you need to get yourself some of this. This stuff is SO GOOD - @karlapowellmua

The best eyelash glue is definitely the Eldora glue...@rosiefinlan

To really get that sparkle & secure that pigment down WE RECOMMEND @eldorafalseeyelashes LASH GLUE - @plouise_makeup_academy

No lie this is the best glue I have ever used! - @echi_michaela

By far THE best strip lash glue you'll ever use!! Would definitely recommend huns - @elizabethd.mua

@eldorafalseeyelashes glue is my ride or die! It's the best! I've been using it for years now!@anniecherrymakeup

anyone with sensitive/leaky eyes you needsss this - @caoimhemaimakeup

If you're looking for cruelty free & vegan lashes and glue... So damn good - @scaredykatofficial

best glue - @emmajane44

Glue Removal

In case anyone is struggling to remove glue, Jade Nicholl (@jadioladio) has recommended using the Body Shop Sumptuous Cleansing Butter to remove the applied adhesive. 

If you got any tips you want to share, feel free to leave comments below.

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