Eldora Easter Egg Lash Hunt (special discounts + offers!)

Eldora Easter Egg Lash Hunt

Eldora Easter Egg Lash Hunt blog

Cute baby animals, pastel-coloured flowers and LOTS of chocolate… what do you associate with Easter? With our Easter Egg Lash Hunt; all you’ll be able to think about this year is vegan handmade lashes!

Eldora Easter Egg Lash Hunt


To celebrate Easter; we’re having a mini Easter egg hunt on our website.

There will be a total of 18 products (including some bestsellers) with an Eldora Easter egg at the bottom of the product photo. If you find one of these, it means the price of these particular lashes has been discounted.

The lashes will be discounted up to 50% off, so there are some amazing offers for you to take advantage of!


Eldora Easter Egg Lash Hunt

All you need to do is shop the website, seeing how many eggs you can find. Add the products to your basket and any that are included in the hunt will have the discount automatically applied to the price - simple!

Eldora Easter Egg Lash Hunt will be live on our website from 10am on Good Friday, running through to 10pm on Easter Monday.

Crack The Lash Easter Offer

As if that’s not enough, we’re also doing a mystery lash for only £2! Randomly selected by our lovely packing team; you won’t know which lash you’re getting until you receive it in the post - exciting!


Crack The Lash Easter Offer

Which style you get will be a surprise, but we can confirm that they’ll:

  • Have adhesive included
  • Be vegan and cruelty-free lashes
  • Only be available in limited quantities, so hurry

Simply add to your basket and find out which surprise lashes you have when your order arrives.

Crack The Lash £2 lash offer will go live on Thursday 18th April at 9am.

Happy Easter!

Once you’ve scoffed your way through your vegan Easter eggs, get sharing photos of your Eldora Easter Egg Lash Hunt and Crack The Lash bargains on social media!

We hope you have a ‘cracking’ Easter weekend.

Ella and the team x

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