Colour Lash Trend

Colour Lash Trend

A pair of our favourite MUA sisters from Leeds - the Roberts - were sighted on social media wearing coloured lashes recently. 

Abby Roberts (@abbyroberts) [ex-Eldora staffer!] was spotted wearing peach-coloured lashes in her barbie-doll IG post. We love this cute look. She is always so creative with fresh ideas to inspire her followers, we just adore her.


Charlotte (@charlotteroberts), the younger talent, was at the Moncler genius event in Milan wearing a pair of green eyelashes to go along with her turquoise green top. It was a stunning look. She definitely has some good modelling flair with her shoots!


In our view, these are the fashion trends for 2020. Eldora has a great range of coloured lashes, and they are all vegans too. A couple highlights to consider include:

the B803 White Medium-Crossed Creative False Lashes:


or the B807 Red Creative False Eyelashes:



And in case you are wondering why - both Abby and Charlotte were just featured over the weekend at the VidCon London 2020 to share their view on fashion trend. You can find the official IG video post here.







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