Buttercup x LaLa Lash x Wild Spirit

Buttercup x LaLa Lash x Wild Spirit

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Buy this set of 3 Faux Mink lashes from the Buttercup collection to receive a FREE Brush on Adhesive. 

Lash Set Contents

Wild Spirit - comes with a black band and its made up of a few layers of lashes criss-crossing each others which result in its fluffiness and wispiness.

LaLa Lash -  come with a black light band and with fluttery hairs, it’s great for a daytime look without much makeup but also you can wear this with a dramatic look.

Buttercup - is a pretty faux mink false lash that's fun and is perfectly curled to stand out from the crowd

All Lashes are made using premium synthetic fibres which making it soft and long-lasting, and a truly cruelty free, vegan lash.